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kiraohara's Journal

The Writing Journal

Kira O'Hara
10 June 1987
Hey there, whoever finds this. This is the writing journal for Kira O'Hara. This journal will feature any of my writing projects, be they original or fanfiction. I might also see about sticking some of my sketches up as well sometime in the future.

Kira O'Hara is my penname and has, in some form or another, been my net handle for over a decade now. :3

Feel free to friend me! As long as I can tell you're not a bot, I'll friend you back! XD

Adult themes will appear in much of my work, so consider this fair warning. I will mark each work appropriately for those who would wish to avoid (or seek out) such. Please adhere to your country's guidelines regarding age and adult material. I claim no responsibility for underage readers and will assume that they read with the permission of a legal guardian.

Age Confirmation: 27 (Or older, if my birthday has passed and I forgot to update. >.>;)

Artwork by: star_sailor13


Artwork by: the-gwyllion

You can also find me here:
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((Activity on these isn't necessarily...high.))

Updated August 22, 2014.