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Hi! :D

Been awhile, but I have relatively little to say of interest, to be honest. ^^; HOWEVER! I do have a fic idea I've been messing with that I need a bit of assistance with, and also some suggestions if you like. >.>;

So...basic premises without giving too much away: Teen Wolf; post-S2, AU from S3 (Alpha Pack and Cora present); sex pollen/magic made them do it style of sorta-dub!con (they have a period of time to accept and process what will happen, but they don't actually have a choice about it eventually happening); sexually everyone/everyone, romantically a little up in the air (possible Sterek, Scallison, Scallisaac, and/or Jydia, but possible others or poly!pack); this all will take place in a large, remotely-located house thing.

Characters who will be present: Allison, Boyd, Chris, Cora, Derek, Erica, Isaac, Jackson, Lydia, Melissa, Peter, Scott, Sheriff, Stiles. Possibly: Braeden, Danny, and/or Marin Morrell. (Sorry, Deaton will be talking to them via Skype and Finstock isn't close enough to being pack. Aiden, Ethan, Kira, Liam, Malia, and Parrish don't come into the series/pack until way after this point, so they're out too.)

SO! How you can help:

1. Any pairings you'd want to read (seriously, any; give me your cliches and your rare-pairs, your triads and orgies). I have some scenes in mind already, but I think it'll be fun to challenge myself with doing things that other people would enjoy as well (who knows, maybe I'll find a new pairing?!). :3 Also: any preference of place (indoor sex, outdoor sex, every-room-in-the-house sex). There is a plot, but because of it, everything goes. ;D

2. I'm torn on whether to let it be truly everyone/everyone, or if I should nix the possibility of incest. There are four groups of family members there. I could make it so that the pollen/magic/thingie won't push those people together, or I could have them even more awkward/angsting over it because it probably will at some point push them together. I'm leery because I know that it'll turn some people away to include it, but I don't know if it would be worth it. Maybe if I get a few requests for it? /o\ IDEK. HALP.

So, yes. TL;DR: I want/need input for a fic I want to write but I am stuck at this point. Input?
Tags: fandom: teen wolf, help?, lulz, non-writing update, teen wolf
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