Kira O'Hara (kiraohara) wrote,
Kira O'Hara

OMG, So, Hi.

Wow, it's been a long time. *dusts off journal*

So, updates:
- (Finally) graduated university with a B.S in psychology.
- Quit job.
- Got married on 1st July, 2013.
- Moved from Orlando, Florida to El Paso, Texas.
- Adjusting to being an army spouse (holy shit, I'm a wife! O.o).
- Adopted two kitties: Tanis Half-Kitten and Cora (named after a book character and TV show character, respectively).
- Got sucked into Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn; weaning myself off again to write.
- Got in a GSD-RTFN mood and cleaned out a bunch of stuff today and decided to peek in.

So...hello to my lovely f-list, who probably didn't even notice me gone since I never really posted as much as I thought about it. XD

My H/D muse is slowly waking back up, but my Teen Wolf muse is running in circles. Hopefully will get some fic done soon. ...Hopefully.

Speaking of fic and Teen Wolf, the kink!meme just got a makeover and it would be awesome to get more people posting there. :D I'd say if you post a prompt to send me a PM and I'll see if I can write it, but A) it might not click with me, sadly; B) I have about 200+ prompts sitting in a folder waiting on me and I'd feel terribly about trumping them XD; and C) I can't write short-fic, and I'd cry if I got too many prompts. XD So...yes. I will start writing again soon hopefully, but maybe in my stead some of you wonderful people can pick up a few prompts there. ;D

Uh...OH! Just recently saw Star Trek: Into Darkness, since it came out in theaters when my fiance-now-husband was overseas and I had no one to see it with. Anyroad, I NOW WANT KIRK/SPOCK/UHURA THREESOMES. ALL OF THEM. DEAR GOD. I was kinda a Spirk fan before, but just...ugh. The arguing scene in the shuttlecraft when they're going to get Khan on the Klingon homeworld and the way Spock and Uhura reacted when they thought Kirk was dead (and then could be saved)... Just, just...if you have any recs, please, gimme?

Um, other than that, my brain is blank. So...hi. ♥
Tags: fangirling, harry potter, life, lulz, non-writing update, pimping, star trek, teen wolf
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